Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kicking It with My Parents

My parents stayed with me for about 4 days before Scott and I were married. We visited the University of Utah, had a dance party in the kitchen and took care of wedding preparations like making 11 batches of muddy buddies. My parents even came to church with me where my Dad bore his testimony about the joy of eternal families. I'm so blessed to have them in my life and be a continual inspiration that people can stay in love forever if they both work at it. 

Engagement Photos

Stacey is an incredibly gifted photographer. She also happens to be like a sister to me so she was excited to shoot our wedding photos. She took over 1,000 photos in over 6 locations. We took photos in the Avenues graveyard and Gilgal park we visited on our first date. We also took photos in an alley near the restaurant we dined at on our first date. We took photos in downtown SLC and Nicklecaid which was another spot we loved to frequent. We ended up with so many incredible photos. 

We did another groomal photo session in the mountains. We had incredible photos with amazing mountain backdrops. I even made my own bouquet with flowers I found along the Jordan Parkway.

I think Scott was a bit over all the photos we took but he was an amazing sport. We have tons of photos to document a time filled with so much joy and excitement!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Camping Dinner Night Style

As you can tell, I really love my Dinner Night friends. We planned to go camping in the summer. We headed to Schofield. We camped in some fun tee-pees. We made very delightful tinfoil dinners and sweet wheelies. Jen was such a trooper to come up for the evening and then drive back home since Walty is not a really good camping age.

We shared a tee-pee with Linds and Russell so it was fun to chat with them as we all faded to sleepy town.

I really love camping and I just need to be better about going more frequently! Hopefully, we have some more camping trips in the future with this bunch because it was mega fun!

Showered with Love

I love a good party and have thrown many friends showers to celebrate weddings and births. It was so fun to be the recipient of so much love!

My Aunt Bev threw me a family shower which included all my family in Utah and Scott's family. My aunt even put together a really sweet video of family sending well wishes from all over the country. It was so incredibly thoughtful. She made the most tasty food like little sticky rice with mango and cucumber sandwich appetizers. She had custom sugar cookies made for all the guests. Just out of this world cuteness.

It is always a little weird to be the center of attention at parties. I'm usually getting food together or cleaning something so it was a bit of an adjustment.

I had another shower thrown by my home girl Lindsay. She hosted this adorable, de-flowering, shower at her parents house. They have a very magical backyard. We enjoyed Cafe Rio salads and ate tasty cakes that Emily brought. Everyone shared advice and provided me with lots of sexy attire. We also made flower crowns which made the event feel like the most special princess party. I looked around that party and just had SO much love for all the pals there. So many strong, brilliant women who have made an impact on my world.

My final shower was thrown by Dinner Night friends, well Jen coordinated everyone. That woman really knows how to make things happen and always love her initiative to celebrate her friends. It was a taco fiesta and Scott joined for the celebration too. We all just chatted and enjoyed spending time in Anna and Doug's backyard. That dinner crew is like my little family in Utah. They have seen the rise and fall of many dudes I have dated. They provided great encouragement over the years so it was so fun to spend an evening celebrating love. We also collectively destroyed a pinata, making it essentially the best kind of party. I did not eat of the hi-chews that fell out of that pinata.. can't risk a tooth falling out before a wedding.

Cheers to love and friends and family who help you celebrate the beauty of it!

Wedding Planning

The summer months of 2016 were consumed with wedding planning. I had to get my dress altered to make the dress more fitted and to add long sleeves. My friend Anna's Mom did a great job changing the dress to meet my requests.

I thought through table decorations which involved succulents and and trivia cards. Cake stands and trays to hold donuts. So many friends were incredibly helpful especially my dear pal Emily.

We found a really great venue at Trolley Square. I once lived near Trolley Square in college so it always held fond memories to me. I loved how the space could hold everyone and it was basically just a clean glass room.

Here are lots of photos that document all the brainstorming. Another fun thing about getting married is the daily wedding presents that arrive at your house. It was so fun to come home from work everyday to discover some sort of package on the porch. Weddings help you realize how many people are so happy you found your mate!

Dixie Chicks

I have been a fan of the Dixie Chicks since I first saw their music video on CMT back in 1998. I was amazed that three blonde women, who looked like sisters, could have such amazing lyrics, harmonies and sass. When I heard they were touring again my sisters arranged a sister trip. We went to planned to see the Chicks play in August. 

Ashley and I were incredibly hot since our position in the stadium provided little ventilation. I literally had to go take off layers of clothes mid-concert. My favorite song performed was a Beyoncé cover called Daddy's Lessons. I also loved so many of their classic songs. The songs just take me back to high school and middle school when I would sing-a-long to the songs with my sisters.

Caylee, Christi, Michelle, Jenna and Gina came too. It was so fun to have Caylee there because she became a Dixie Chicks fan as a kid and would sing the most passionate version of "Not Ready to Make Nice"

I also was able to hang around Houston and San Antonio too. Always so fun to see family and play King of Tokyo!