Sunday, September 24, 2017

Home is Where the Heart Is

We had settled into my condo for a few months, it was tight but doable. We realized we wanted more space but we were not in a rush for a new home. We would casually look at places but my friend Ben sent us a home that met everything we wanted in a place! It was located in Cottonwood Heights, had two car garage, a projector room and plenty of space to grow into. We fell in love and offered a price but the seller thought our offer was too low. About two weeks later, he came down on his price and approached him again about his new price. We put the property under contract and then 30 days later we owned a home!

I had to sell my condo since my HOA would not allow me to rent the unit. I was mega bummed about that but the market was doing really well so I was able to make some money by selling it.

We love our new place and have spent the last few months painting, redoing a bathroom, installing new baseboards, putting in a garden, replacing the AC, heater and hot water heater. Home ownership is pricey but despite the expense we have loved having a place of our own.

I've turned into a homebody who loves to lounge around and relax!

Dream A Little Dream

We stayed at the Stein Erickson in Park City for our wedding night and it was just a beautiful little lodge. We loved our stay there and it was beautiful to see the leaves changing outside the window.
The following day we jetted off to Kuaui! My friend Jenni who works for delta made sure to tell our flight attendants that it was our honeymoon, they gave us extra snacks and made a point to make us feel extra special.

Our dear friends Emily and John treated us to the most beautiful hotel stay we will likely ever stay at the St Regency resort. It was mega fancy complete with a room butler to make us tea or check-into flights for us. I was quite obsessed with the breakfast each morning. There was this incredible buffet with coconut French toast and the most delightful fruits and juices.

The view we had was amazing! We loved staying on the North shore. I always think the wandering chickens of Hawaii are hilarious.

We drove around half the island and saw a black sand beach and the Waimea, the Grand Canyon of Hawaii. We took a helicopter tour too. We actually had to go a second time since the first flight was cancelled due to rain. I really thought the ride would be more rocky but it was really smooth! I loved it! We saw beautiful waterfalls and so many areas that were featured in Jurassic Park and other adventure flicks!

We tried to hike the Napali coast hike but I wore the worst shoes and was slipping in mud. So we took a boat of the coast line. It was a 6 hour tour of the coastline and we hit pretty big waves on the tour. We saw sea caves and just aww inspiring views.

We had a beautiful and simply incredible honeymoon. Scott felt under the weather for part of our honeymoon so we took it easy a few days and hung in the pools and at the resort.

I did crash the back of the rental car into a wall at a poke shop but fortunately the rental car shop didn't want to charge for the damage.

I gotta admit Kauai is just made for lovers!

Married My Bestie

September 29th arrived and it was the day I had always dreamed about, marrying my lover. I woke up and found myself strangely calm and relaxed. I had close friends over the night before, many who had traveled great distances, to hang. It was so nice to see them and chat. I also was blessed to have my dear friends helping with wedding set-up and details. My good friend Emily did so much! She arranged my flowers and transported everything. All this help allowed my family to not have to deal with all the wedding details.

So wedding morning , I enjoyed some cereal and then Scott picked me up and dropped me in Lehi to get my makeup did. That woman turned me into a Disney Princess!

Then Stacey, sister friend and photographer picked me up and then we met up with Scott at Kneaders. I enjoyed a tasty smoothie. Then we realized Scott had forgotten his wedding socks so we stopped at a Mr. Mac to pickup some new socks.

Then we headed down to the Provo City Center Temple for our wedding ceremony. It was weird thinking I would come out of that building as a different person with a new last name. I felt some nervous feelings thinking I now will share everything with this human and we could be parents someday.. so many wonderful and sorta daunting thoughts.

The ceremony was beautiful and we walked into a room where we literally felt so much love. My cheeks were already hurting from the joy I was feeling! My mom was able to spend time with me before the ceremony which was extra special. We had a good cry together thinking about how this day had finally come!

After the ceremony we headed out of the temple to be congratulated by loved ones! We took photos and hugged! This temple was such a special place to Scott as a kid when it was a tabernacle. It is such a beautiful place where you feel the peace from our Heavenly Father.

After photos we headed to SLC for reception time! We stopped for a burger at In-N-Out. We arrived to our beautiful venue filled with flowers and the decor I had planned for months. We had a video playing with trivia and photos /videos from our lives. The tables were set with flowers and succulents. Even our Lego Minifigures that looked like us were adorned on our cake made by my dear friend Rachel!

We changed back into our fancy clothes and chewed down on some BBQ and then it was showtime! Scott's brother, Steven, was our MC, so he welcomed us to a room filled with so many people we love. They cheered and clapped as we walked in. Scott said he had never experienced such a welcome in his life and truly was moved! We both wore so happy!

Guests ate food while we walked around and chatted with people. Then we had some toasts from friends and family which made the day even more special. After each toast we gave different tables prizes. As the night rolled on we enjoyed some dancing and treats. We even sang Happy Birthday to my Dad since we were married on his birthday. I sadly did not eat a donut at our wedding, too many people to chat with, but our cake was great!

When we cut the cake we were nice but also slammed one another a little bit. After cake we changed and then headed for our exit!

Glow stick and bubbles led us out and we ran down to our car. Then headed to Park City where we stayed at the Stein Erickson Lodge. The room was amazing and so beautiful! We felt so pampered!

The following day we headed to Hawaii. We could not stop basking in the glow of our special day! It was a perfect wedding!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kicking It with My Parents

My parents stayed with me for about 4 days before Scott and I were married. We visited the University of Utah, had a dance party in the kitchen and took care of wedding preparations like making 11 batches of muddy buddies. My parents even came to church with me where my Dad bore his testimony about the joy of eternal families. I'm so blessed to have them in my life and be a continual inspiration that people can stay in love forever if they both work at it.