Thursday, October 18, 2018

Surprising Jenzie

In July my friend DB had a brilliant idea to throw his dear wife and amazing bestie of mine, a surprise party. Linds and I set to planning a party for Jen! We found a park and arranged for Jens favorite snow cone stand to cater. Of course I had to make a piƱata! We tried to throw Jen a surprise party for her 21st birthday but the surprise didn’t come together but this surprise did! It was so fun to celebrate Jen. She is the kind of woman who is completely selfless and loving! She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family and always is there with a listening ear. So grateful to have her and her amazing family in my life! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cora Jane Visit

I was home for a day after our European trip and then I headed to Texas to see my sister. I came to help with her new baby Cora! I love her little family tons. I planned daily art activities with her older kiddos and swam and loved taking the early night shift with Cora. She is such a chill kid and mega sweetie. Warren and Nyla always make me laugh and I love them tons too. Being an aunt is my favorite. We also explored the aquarium one day which was a really neat experience too! I love helping my family especially when they are so easy to serve. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018


When we arrived in Prague we were picked up by a taxi and taken to our little apartment where we were staying. We found this awesome one bedroom, fully remodeled, apartment that was reasonable and close to all the sites of Prague.

Our driver was kind and we talked about European and American politics on our drive. It was a great reminder where ever you may be in the world we all want honesty and compassion.

Our first day in Prague we wandered over to a walking tour that was three hours. We saw so many beautiful structures, learned about the city’s history and had a fun tour guide who said “let’s go” in the most hilarious accent. Prague is a city rich with musical history, talking to you Mozart. I was in awe of all the beautiful colored buildings and cobblestone streets. What I loved most is that the historic areas were well preserved and not surrounded with new structures. 

The next day we took an Uber ride to the Prague castle. It’s up on a hill that overlooks the city. We walked up more hills and steps to get to the castle which was covered in tourists. I get a little whinny when there are gazillion people everywhere but Scott cheered my spirts and the stained glass inside the castle was lovely. We also got caught in a rainstorm which was awesome! It really cooled down the place. We walked back toward our lodging over the St Charles Bridge. That bridge is so beautiful! 

The food of Prague was very meat focused and stewish. We tried some local foods but we gravitated toward this amazing burger place that we went to twice. Typical Americans. I did enjoy all the sweet treats!! I’m in love with Trdelniks. Warm bread filled with fruit and chocolate and ice cream.. covered in cinnamon and sugar! The ice cream was everywhere too and only 50 cents.. so I enjoyed my share of that!

Our third day there we headed out on a excursion to see this church made of bones. We took a train and visited a few other spots with our tour group. The bone church really gives you a sense of mortality. I was mostly weirded out by the construction in front of the church for a new gift shop. Below the excavations were just hundreds of bodies buried around the church. You could see femurs and arms and heads just all stacked upon other bodies. That bubonic plague was rough. 

The final day in Prague we were not quite sure how to fill our time. We took a boat tour and then explores a museum. Turns out the museum was all about this special effects man from Prague. Scott had seen many of his movies and we really enjoyed the tiny escape of the place. We walked the bridge again and listened to beautiful classical music and bluegrass and all sorts of sounds.

We headed back to London that night where we slept in a tiny hotel in the airport. We enjoyed our 5 hours of rest and boarded our long flight for home. 

We had such a grand adventure in Europe. We came home renewed and excited to settle into parenthood. We are sad our travels will slow but hopefully we can take our sweet little man on some amazing trips with us!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Off to London

The second trimester came quickly and we realized our magical ability to travel easily was going to end. We abruptly decided a European adventure should be pursued. We found decently cheap tickets and made a plan to see London and Prague. We booked the trip two and half weeks before we embarked on the trip.

We were so grateful for friends who encouraged us to take one last trip. It was worth it.

London was beautiful and it felt like being in a Harry Potter novel. I fell in love with the mass transit system there. We used double decker buses and the underground, we felt like experts after we left. We stayed near the marble arch and spent the days walking. Our first day we enjoyed a Jack The Ripper walking tour. The next day we stood in an endless line to Westminister Abbey. We saw where queen Elizabeth and Bloody Mary were buried in the abbey. We learned just how obsessed the city is with royalty. It was a beautiful structure to witness. After we toured the abbey we walked around the area as we listened to a rick Steve’s podcast. We also visited the British Museum where we witnessed the Rosetta Stone and incredible Egyptian artifacts. After that we started to head back to our tiny Airbnb lodging while snacking on ice cream. A dang bird pooped in Scott’s hair which was hilarious! That night we feasted in Indian Food and Scott and I were in heaven! Simply delightful.

The following day we took an excursion to oxford, stratford upon Avon and Warwick. It was so nice to get out of the city and see a bit of the countryside of England. We saw a replica of Shakespear’s home and ate a tasty lunch while in town. We stopped in Oxford and really enjoyed the university scene. That city is hogwarts. I was impressed by the architecture and amazed how affordable the education at oxford is. We then hoped back on our bus and headed toward Warwick. We visited a castle that once belonged to a novel family but was sold to the Madame Tussaud’s company. They turned the castle into a theme park complete with jousting, sword fighting Demos, catapult demonstrations and free reign in a castle. Scott was in heaven and had the biggest smile the whole time we were there.

The final day in London we checked out of our hotel and had our luggage housed while we did a touristy thing. We went to the London Dungeon. It is so touristy but we loved. It’s a spooky dramatization of historic events in London,  like Jack the Ripper, the great fire, Henry the 8th, Sweeney Todd, the plague and all sorts of other historic moments. 

We then headed to the airport to fly to Prague.