Sunday, December 24, 2017


Scott and I were not going to be home for Thanksgiving but I really love the holiday of thanksgiving. I chatted with Jen and we thought a Friendsgiving would be a good idea! We pulled it off and it was so fun!! Scott and I deep fried a turkey and it turned out perfectly! Our dinner night pals all made incredible sides and pies. Jen had a long table filled with photos from over the years. It was such a special night. I’m so incredibly grateful for these folks in my life. I think I could spend all the days with them and still want more time with them! They bring so much joy to my life!

Fall Favorites

Halloween is my favorite time of year! I love the crisp air, the spooky decor and costumes! Oh how I love costumes! This year we tried to embrace the month and do lots of spooky things. We did a bike ghost tour in Provo for Scott’s Birthday. This was educational and creepy, a great October blend. We also went to the theaters to see, the Blade Runner sequel and it was so beautiful and complex and amazing! We also went to Lagoon! I spent a bit of the morning with Jen and her crew including her rad Dad and then I spent the rest of the Day with Scott’s family. We rode so many rides! It was cold but so worth it! I also made ghosts for our house and we even decorated our windows with scary things like Kip, Scott’s ventriloquist doll. We drove up the canyon to admire changing leaves! We hosted a murder mystery party which was mega fun.. I was the murderer. Finally, we made our own costumes! We were cereal mascots, Tony the Tiger and Captain Crunch. It was a great month!

San Fran Visit

In October we also took a Meyer family trip to San Francisco. It was a fun crew and we did a lot considering the logistics of the city are tricky. I loved wandering the streets and just observing a new town. My favorite part of the trip was seeing Arcade Fire play. We booked the tickets as a last minute thing and it was so worth it! I danced my heart out during the show. Muir Woods was pretty and it was a great group to travel with, happy we took time to have a weekend getaway.