Tuesday, March 14, 2017

July Visitors

July was really a treat since I was able to see most of my family!

Christi and Aaron were taking a massive road trip across the west. The stopped in Utah and stayed with me for a few days. We all crammed into my tiny condo, it was so fun to have guests! We toured the Mormon sites, ate tasty food and played dress-up (my personal favorite activity).

Bree and I did yoga one morning together. She cracked me up cause she kept calling it boga. That girl is so flexible and adorable.

I also took the older three kids to Lagoon for the day as a Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas gift. They had a lot of fun! We had fun hanging out in the water park and riding the moderate rides. We didn't do the biggest roller coasters but I was proud of this crew. They are far braver than I ever was at their ages.

I love having house guests!

Photo Smiles

I love looking through my phone photos, each capturing something I just love. These were some favorites from the summer months. I promise I'm working to get caught up on this blog! 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Engagement Photos

My friend Stacey is a master photographer! She took so many photos of us for our engagement photos, basically three hours of pictures! We went to different locations and changed outfits. I was blown away by all the options. We picked a few strange locations:

1. Nicklecade-We took one of our early dates to the Nicklecade and we had so much fun so it became a favorite place we frequented.
2. Gilgal Park-We walked over there on our first date so even though Joseph Smith sphinx heads are kinda weird, the park has a sweet little memory attached to it.
3. Grave Yard-On our first date we walked around a graveyard.. I know really weird, but it was October and spooky things gotta go down.
4. Downtown-I work downtown and we both liking hanging around SLC, eating tasty food and doing fun stuff

Here are some favorites from those session!

Camping in Kamas

At the end of June, Scott and I wanted to just go camping for a night so we drove up to Kamas. Turns out really great camping spot! Really quiet and serene but still not too far away.

We made sweet wheelies, donuts, that is not a term for love :) We also made incredible hobo meals. I'm so excited to camp more this year!

Here are some fun photos from the campout!

We also snagged Scott's wedding suit at the Park City outlets before we went camping! Success all around!

Ignore the weird finger weenie!

Say Yes to the Dress

I've never been a girl with secret Pinterest boards for a wedding. Sure, I've helped many friends and family plan their wedding days but I sorta just thought I would plan when it happened. I wish I would have had a secret wedding dress board a lot earlier in life! When it came to dress shopping I looked at tons of options but had a hard time finding something that seemed perfect for me.

I'm also a giant and I've known since prom dress shopping that this pursuit would be frustrating.

I knew I wanted a long sleeve dress and the style to be more simple than dazzle town. I found the perfect dress but it just took a lot of shops and lots of family and friends input. I loved how my family would try to Facetime in for several of the dress appointments. It was really special! My friend Stacey just started crying when I came out in the first dress at a shop. Such a fun experience!

I had a hard time picking but the last dress was my final choice and then I added sleeves to it and made it fit better. I really liked my dress but it was a tad short in the front.. but alas tis the joys of being a giant.